Coming back

For lots and lots of good reasons, I have taken a rather long hiatus from this blog.  The list of excuses is long and boring… busy, little screen time, exercising, cooking, crocheting, playing, walking, reading and socializing!  Blah, blah, blah… Happy!

The most important reason though is that I just haven’t wanted to write.  And, after years of being obligated to write, of trying to write to save my career, in fact.  I decided that if I didn’t want to write anymore then I didn’t have to!  


But, recently I’ve noticed that it’s not really true anymore…  I keep thinking about writing. Fantasizing about writing, even.   I keep finding myself drafting things in my head… wandering through the supermarket and imagining a short story, encountering something interesting and wanting to write an article (news not journal!), narrating a blog post in my head while crafting.  And, I’ve started to think that maybe that means I can let myself transition from an academic (yuck) to a writer?  

Maybe I can write and still be free?  (Do you also hear the chirping birds when you read that line?)

So, I will be back soon.  I am going to reorganize the blog a bit and then I’m going to start writing here again.  Check back next week.


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