Camping Hacks

I’m starting small and easy…
Rachel's iPhone 171It’s true what the internet says… this time.  Roasted Starburst are delicious!!!  Really, really delicious!


Rachel's iPhone 177Turns out, though, they can be improved.  I tried stuffing the starburst into a marshmallow.  My goodness, it was amazing; tangy, sweet and melty.  Think of them as S’mores for the fruit flavored crowd.

Two other awesome camping ideas:

-For my birthday I received a cast iron campfire popcorn maker.  Others (my husband) were (inexplicably because popcorn is his favorite food) skeptical.

Turns out it works great and is worth dragging around!

Rachel's iPhone 181
Campfire popcorn made with olive oil.

I used olive oil because it’s what we have in the cooking bin for camping.  I also bought a taster pack of different types of popcorn kernels from Hoosier Hill Farms.  I think the Mushroom popcorn is yummiest but I haven’t tried the Ruby Red yet!

-After Little Girl fell out of her camp chair and landed on a rock for the 100th time, I decided we needed some alternate (close to the ground) camping seating.  I remembered the sit-upons I used to make for girl scouts when I was little.  They were a pile of newspaper (NY Times in my house) in a garbage bag (heavy duty, if you were smart) and sealed with tape (duct, if you knew what you were up to).

Rachel's iPhone 178
Camping Sit-Upons made from left over foam, tarps, cotton stuffing, fabric scraps and camp-dry spray.

But… times change.  We only subscribe to the digital edition of the NY Times and duct tape comes in hundreds of colors and patterns.  So, my girls and I made super glamping style ones.  We used foam from old things lying around the house (great use for old nursing pillows!), cotton batting and stuffing, fabrics from my stash and lots of duct tape.  (All of these items could be bought from a fabric store.)   For the bottom we used a cheap tarp and then I bought a can of camp dry to spray over the fabric layer to make it water resistant.

These are so comfy and I styled them as backpacks (using folded over pieces of duct tape secured at an angle at the top and bottom) so each kid can carry her own to concerts or camping.

Phew… that wasn’t so hard.  But, practice makes perfect so I’ll be back again tomorrow.


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