Crafty Birthday Party Activity: Hair Ties & Headbands

Big Girl turned 8 a few weeks ago.  She was really eager to have a birthday party at home this year.  We decided to invite the girls in her grade (12 kids) to our house for an evening craft party.   To make this really fun and special, I decided to think up some crafts that would be wearable, a little challenging and distinct.  The next big challenge though?  How to do this without spending a fortune?

After tons of brainstorming, Big Girl and I finally settled on three major craft activities (not counting cupcake decorating!): hair-ties & headbands, charm bracelets, and clay beads.  Each of these crafts were reasonably affordable and manageable for kids 8-12 years old.

First up, hair-ties and headbands:119

I was so amazed a few months ago when I discovered that those fancy “yoga band” hair ties were really just ribbon tied in a knot.  Ever since, we’ve been making our own, sometimes with the addition of bows, beads and flowers and sometimes plain.  We’re not a headband family, but we realized around the same time that we could make headbands just as easily.  We decided to share this magic with Big Girl’s friends as the first craft at her party.

To make these hair-ties and headbands, you need:

-needle and thread

-fold-over satin elastic bands

-flowers, gems, etc…  We used chiffon flowers.

I purchased the chiffon flowers and elastic ribbon on amazon.  Fifty flowers and 10 yards of ribbon cost about $25.  This is enough to make 10 headbands and 20 hair-ties with leftover flowers!

To prepare for the party, I cut the ribbon into 18″ (headbands) and 9″ (hair-ties) pieces and trimmed the netting off the back of the chiffon flowers.

133            130


Hair-ties are super simple.  Just tie a knot!  I pre-knotted them for the kids.  For the headbands, I sewed the ends together with a three inch overlap.  It took a minute or so to quickly hand sew them; would have been even quicker with the sewing machine.

I then pre-threaded a dozen needles and laid them out for the kids to grab.  I wrote instructions on an index card and taped it to the tray.

I had them mix and match flowers with headban117ds/hair-ties and sew the flowers to the bands themselves.
It was a huge success.  The kids loved making them and wearing them.  Some of the girls needed a little help with the sewing but most of them could do it just fine.  And, check out how cute this looks!


IMG_3478        IMG_3479

Super cute and super fun!  The charm bracelets were a big hit too.  I’ll post about them later this week.


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