Rainbow Collage

IMG_3412It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had time to update here.

One reason is just the mid-semester busy-ness that makes it so hard to catch up.  (While my countdown helps with that, I’m not quite done.)

Another reason is that our library project has also taken an enormous amount of time! (About a month ago we decided to empty out a room on the third story that was being used mostly for storage and turn it into our library.  I’ll post pics about that project in the next few days.)

The third reason is that my kids have been on Spring Break and we have been super busy having tons of fun!  They went back to school today… and I’m missing them a bit.  So, I decided to do this post first: a collaborative found art rainbow that we made a few days ago to hang in the window of the library.  IMG_3405
We started by scavenging around the house to gather up items to use for the collage. We used bits of paper, pompoms, sequins, ribbons, feathers, scraps of paper, and even rubber bands from the asparagus frittata I had made for breakfast!

While the kids dug through drawers to find more materials, I cut a piece of clear contact paper and laid it on the table.  We then worked together to fit in the different objects we found in rainbow order.

To finish it we just pressed a second piece of clear contact paper over the top and folded it over to create a seam along the edges.  We used a hole punch to tie ribbons to the corners to hang in the library window.

IMG_3407 IMG_3417

I really enjoyed making this because it was one of those rare projects where Big Girl, Little Girl and I could all participate collaborative and equally rather than dividing the tasks up. This could easily have been done with a younger kids too.

I also love that it is made only from found objects.  The papers we used were odds and ends that could easily have been tossed in the trash next time I cleaned up.  It’s a great trash-to-treasure project for sure!

I also like how this project gave Little Girl a chance to concentrate on sorting by color and concentrating on the relationships between colors.

And did I mention that it looks beautiful?!?!

Be back soon to show you the long promised library… promise.  And, next week I’ll post about Big Girl’s Crafty Birthday party.


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