Upcycled Sweater Skirt

It’s one of the earliest signs of Spring; Big Girl’s skirts and dresses are suddenly all way too short! Before I break down and buy her a new Spring/Summer wardrobe I decided to see how we might creatively fill some of the holes.  This skirt is an awesome solution; it’s warm enough for cooler spring days, super cute, it was free and it only took about an hour to make.


We began by looking through some of the older clothes I have in storage; things that don’t quite fit right or are in a color I like better on the hanger than on myself.  Among those clothes we found a very cute kelly green sweater that I never wear because of the awkward arm length.  sweater skirt 1

We began our project by having Big Girl cut the sleeves and collar off the sweater.

She wanted an A-line skirt with as much drapy-ness as possible so we then folded the remaining sweater in in half and drew a line from the former-neck-now-waist to the bottom corner.  I ran those sides through the sewing machine, cut off the remainder and reinforced the hem by hand-sewing with embroidery floss.

My preference for the skirt would have been to make it a pencil skirt.  To do that I would have made a line perpendicular to the waist, cut and re-seamed along those lines.

sweater skirt 2sweater skirt 3

I cut elastic to fit her waist, sewed it into a loop, and then attached it with a loose running stitch along the top of the sweater neckline. sweater skirt 4

I was concerned about the sweater fraying so I used embroidery floss to fold the hem over the elastic and then secured it by whip-stiching the entire waist.

The final skirt is super cute and just in time for her to wear to school on St. Patrick’s Day this week!

I only wish I had a way too big sweater that I could use to make one of these for myself.





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