$100 “Fairy Tea Party” Birthday Party Challenge: Decorations

Little Girl loves to engage in imaginative play.  She spends most of her days at school and home playing pretend with her sister, her toys and her friends.  I like pretend too, especially when it involves magical creatures.

Rather than have just a tea party, we decided to ask the kids to wear their dress-up clothes and to come to a fairy tea party.  My hope is this will be two hours of magical pretend.  Obviously, it is up to me to set the stage.  That means we have to decorate.

To begin, we decided to make the living room into “fairy land” and the dining room will be the tea party space.  I decided to focus our energy on making a few big decorations and then to fill in with things from around the house and let them imagine the rest!

Our first project is giant flowers.  We are making a few of these to stand up in the living room to add the transporting magic of making the kids feel like little fairies.  Alongside that we’re adding giant grass, adding circles to existing storage ottomans to make them into “toadstools” and then we’re hanging some kid made fairies around to make them fly.  I’ll post pictures of the final effect on party day.  For now, here are instructions for making the flowers and grass with some pictures too.

Giant Flowers:

I’m super excited about these as they look so cool and they were totally free.  We used only items from our recycling bin, paint and tape.

To make 1, you’ll need:

  • 2 wrapping paper tubes or 4-5 paper towel tubes
  • 2 ½ paper grocery bags
  • 1 lunch size paper bag
  • Other paper recycling to stuff the petals
  • Small lunch size bag for the center
  • Stapler
  • Tempera Paint

033The paper towel or wrapping paper tubes are the stems for the flower.  Paint these green for a traditional looking flower.  We attached them with tape before painting to make long stems.  Little Girl painted them; we used a large brush I usually use for wall painting to make the task go more quickly.

035 037

To make the petals, I cut paper grocery bags in half the long way.  I then turned them inside out, cut to make a basic petal shape and stapled closed along the side.  The girls stuffed the petals with paper from our recycling bin.  Once full, I folded in the sides and stapled them up.  We made five for each flower.  We painted one flower orange, one pink and one purple.

To make the center we used a lunch bag.  I folded the corners in to make it circular and then stuffed the bottom of the bag up to fill in the top.  Using the stapler I finished it into a circle.  We painted this yellow.  I think it would have been cute to add bits of tissue paper to make it textured but we never got to that step!

I recommend letting everything dry for a day before putting the flowers together.


To put the flowers together I stapled each petal to the center on the back of the flower.  I stapled the stem there as well.  I then reinforced the whole thing with packing tape on the back.  We stood them up against the fireplace and they looked so cute!

Giant Grass:

I used green constr038uction paper and cut out alternate strips.  We taped this up against the fireplace screen and surround to fill in the garden scene.  It really helps to complete the scene with the flowers.



We have several storage ottomans in the girls’ rooms.  To add additional seating and to create the forest fun we’re looking for I decided to add them in as toadstools.  056This was a super quick and fun project.  I drew five circles of varying sizes on a sheet of construction paper, Little Girl cut them out and we used tape loops to attach them to the ottomans.

Final Touches:

We finished the scene by bringing out whatever fairy toys the girls had and placing those on the mantel.  We hung the banner Little Girl sewed a few weeks ago in the space above the mantel and I added one store bought banner that I hung from the mantel.  Then we hung a handmade “Happy Birthday” sign and several little fairies from the mantel so it looked as though there were fairies flying around the giant flowers.  We added a few pillows around for seating and decor too.  Check out the final effect!


Total Cost for decorations: $3.99 for pompom banner

Total spent to date:  $59.56





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