Kid Art: Paper Mosaic

rachel iphone 214.JPG

With the semester finally wrapping up I was able to put some finishing touches on the kitchen this week.  The girls and I had decided at the start of the project that we wanted to make the kitchen look like the forest.  To make that happen, we painted the walls a dark green and used dark brown and copper as accent colors.  It turned out great.  The dark color on the walls makes the room seem larger, the green is soothing and welcoming, and the room is really nice to hang out in now!

But, the whole thing was lacking a bit decor.  So, we put up a print I had bought at a craft fair and never hung up and framed an illustration of a very cute chicken with a guitar.  The blackboards look super cute hanging above the table too.

The girls and I decided that we would add to the forest by creating a scene similar to the one we see out the cabin window at a favorite cabin-camping spot:  a rocky stream in the foreground, trees and fields behind. To bring in more colors and tie it in with our stained glass lamp, we decided to make it a paper mosaic.  Even though we are all really eager around here for Winter to finally fully arrive we decided to make it an early Spring scene instead.  Much more colorful!

This turned out to be collaborative art at its best.  The bickering stopped, the bragging stopped.  We ended up relaxing, joking and chatting as we covered ourselves and our project in glue.  It is so tempting when the kids are acting like brats to seperate them and remove myself.  Of course they do sometimes need more time and space but very often they actually need to work together on a project that makes us all happy!  This did the trick; it transformed several cranky dreary December afternoons into a fun and creative space where we worked together to make something pretty.

Big Girl and I sketched the scene together.  All three of us worked together to cut up paper squares and also to Modge-Podge them in place.

rachel iphone 100

rachel iphone 172

rachel iphone 178

It took us a few afternoons to finish the project but it turned out just as we hoped.  We’ve done a few other projects like this before, including one time when we used this technique to make homemade cards.  It’s a very straight forward process:  sketch, cut scrap paper up (including wrapping paper), cover the paper with glue, apply paper to overlap, apply a top coat of Modge Podge.


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