The Rest of the Plan…

Not for my life yet.  I haven’t really gotten started on that… which I must say is oddly liberating.  Maybe all you non-planners out there are on to something?

But, here’s the rest of the plan (with pictures) for the kitchen.

We started with some minor demolition by removing an old air conditioner in the kitchen wall.  When I say we, this was totally my husband’s job.  I could cope with the fact that the thing was seriously gross but I was not going up on the two story ladder in the back of the house.  Luckily he agreed pretty quickly once I promised to do all of the plastering, patching and painting.

airconditioner removal

In addition to painting the walls green and the trim brown, refinishing the table to make it dark brown, the other major project we decided to add on was a backsplash.  I did the backsplash too.  After considering and rejecting several different tiling options, we decided that we wanted to add pressed tin as our backsplash.  Thanks to the miracle of plastic, we were able to add our “pressed tin” backsplash in a lovely copper hue to the area behind the oven, sink and cabinets.  It was very easy to work with this product.  I needed just an exacto, scissors, a sharpie and a ruler.  It looks fabulous too.  So fabulous in fact that it made everything else look lousy.


sink wall

That is where the spray paint comes in.  I really want to both limit the amount of money spent on this project and also avoid much waste by buying everything new.  So, after picking out stain with Big Girl we went to the spray paint aisle.  I’m not sure if spray paint has gone through a profound transformation in the past 10 years or if I was just giddy with the excitement of it being on the shelf instead of in a locked cabinet that required supervision to access but…  I had a great time seeing the very many colors and effects available in spray paint these days.

Big Girl and I had to work hard to try and match the backsplash tile labeled “oil rubbed bronze” that looked copperish with the various options of metallic spray paint out there in the home improvement store.  Eventually we found a “hammered copper” that matches well.  We used that to paint the radiator cover, lightswitch plates and cabinet handles.

radiator part1radiator 2spraypaint outlets 2

And now we are in business.  All that spray painting saved us lots of money (which helps to cover the cost of those too pricey backsplash tiles!) and gave us a really coordinated look.  Next up check out the super fan refinishing project.


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